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Smarty curly braces syntax – what went wrong?

Smarty‘s curly braces syntax is used to render PHP code into Smarty template file. The curly braces syntax is the default syntax comes with Smarty framework. Almost every PHP variable or loop wears this opening and closing braces. Until and… Continue Reading →

Conceptual CSS TV – Ambedkar.TV

This is an experimental conceptual CSS TV for upcoming resources portal on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Ambedkarite movement in India and abroad. Demo Modules: CSS2 – As our large amount of users uses older browsers CSS3 – To get… Continue Reading →

jQuery Plugin: ResetFormFields

Recently I was engaged with resetting the form fields the hard way using jQuery. As the work enhanced I thought it would be better to release a jQuery plugin! It has both HTML4 and HTML5 form elements included and a… Continue Reading →

SVN Subversion Repository Setup on Windows local machine

Its been easy to setup your own SVN repository on Windows local machine. Follow the given steps and you are done! It saves your lot time, money, file transfer, server load, space. No burden over your hosting servers.

CSS Social Icon – Delicious

In my leisure time (really?) I have made Delicious icon with pure CSS just for fun. Compatibility: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3.8+, Safari 5+, Chrome 14+, iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Demo HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>title>CSS Social Icon -… Continue Reading →

Java-JSP Environment Setup on Windows

Glad to see you got interest in Java! When it comes to web development using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) most of the time you have seen that people prefers to use Java language for JSP (Java Server Pages) development. To… Continue Reading →

WordPress Custom Post Type Navigation

In previous post How to create Custom Post Type in WordPress? we have discussed on custom post type, how easily we can create it with our generic function call for multiple custom post types. Here we are going to see… Continue Reading →

How to create Custom Post Type in WordPress?

Here we are going to discuss on how to create custom post type in wordpress and will make a simple function to use. What is Custom Post Type? ‘Custom post type’ is one of the great features of wordpress since… Continue Reading →

Navayan Equal Height jQuery Plugin

Recently I was working on one small project and I had to use minimum resources as it is accessible on mobile devices too. There was one requirement of equal height of two elements. So instead of depending of any third… Continue Reading →

jQuery validation for file type extension

Simple and easy jQuery file type extension validation method. Check and validate file type extension in jQuery. Useful for contact form, job apply form to upload and submit valid and allowed file.

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