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AGrid – Alternate grid system

An alternative to complex and heavy grid systems which works with/without any normalize css.

AngularJS in 20 minutes

A presentation by @Dan Wahlin on AngularJS. Much better and quicker than official PhoneCat example!

Your first UNIX Shell Script

Step 1. Open your terminal and type following: # my first unix shell script echo ‘Hello World!’ > /path/to-save/unix.sh Step 2. Save your writings by pressing Esc then : then w keys. Step 3. Locate to your unix.sh file $… Continue Reading →

WordPress 3.8, leveraging basics!

Now a days everyone is going to the basic. Microsoft has already moved to the basic when the Window 8 was introduced. It has totally flat view. Similarly Apple is trying to achieve the basic flat design in iOS. It… Continue Reading →

How to embed gravatar images onto your website?

Profile image management using Gravatar is really exciting and stress-free. Know the reasons why you need to and how simply Gravatar API can be implemented.

Navayan CSS Popup – Fixed, Fluid, Positioned, Lightbox, Dialog

More sophisticated way to talk with your web page (and users too!). ‘Navayan CSS Popup’ makes it possible to accommodate the power of HTML5 and CSS3, to keep aside javascript dependency and saves development and testing time.

WordPress Plugin – Navayan TinyMCE Pretty Code

Did you feel stressed when you have to make some text, of your WordPress post, as inline code or to add syntax highlighter class to pre-formatted text? ‘Navayan TinyMCE Pretty Code’ WordPress plugin will save your time and takes out the weird behavior!

IGNOU MCSL-054 practical exam 20130716 OpenGL program

OpenGL program with C++ was easy to write using Microsoft Visual Studio. IGNOU MCA student has to write one OpenGL program during their practical exam.

New HTML5 elements to be introduced

Most of the time developers deals with ERROR, SUCCESS, FAIL actions either with/without form. And <p>, <div> or other elements are widely used with classes like .error, .fail, .success. But I think could be more intuitive way for such responses…. Continue Reading →

WordPress subscribe plugin – Navayan Subscribe 1.13 Change log

A long waited fixes and enhancement for new features in wordpress subscription plugin finally rolled out!

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