Today almost all websites uses core javascript or various javascript libraries to add impressive interaction onto web pages.

Sometimes you might have seen that websites shows an error message that your browser’s javascript is disabled and you have to enable javascript to see various features that are onto those websites.

Following are the ways you can enable the javascript in your browsers:

Enable JavaScript in Firefox

1. Go to Tools menu -> Options -> Content Tab and then check ‘Enable JavaScript’ checkbox

If you have installed ‘Web Developer’ firefox addon then go to its ‘Disable’ menu -> Disable JavaScript and click on ‘All JavaScript’

Enable JavaScript in Chrome

  1. Go to Tools -> Options by clicking settings icons.
  2. Select ‘Under the Hood’ tag and click on ‘Content settings…’ button
  3. Then select ‘Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)’

Enable JavaScript in Safari

  1. Go to Edit menu -> Preferences or click on settings icon
  2. Under ‘Security’ tab click on ‘Enable JavaScript’

Enable JavaScript in Opera

  1. Go to main Menu -> Settings -> Preferences
  2. Under ‘Advanced’ tab click on ‘Content’ option and enable the JavaScript option

Enable JavaScript in BlackBerry

  1. Go to Browser->Options->Browser Configuration->Scroll down->Enable ‘Support JavaScript’ ->Save Options by moving the track ball and enable the javascript
  2. For BlackBerry Bold 9700:
  • open BlackBerry Internet Browser
  • press Menu button
  • select Options
  • under Web Content check Enable JavaScript

BlackBerry Bold

Follow above mentioned steps which for browser that you are using to enable javascript. Enjoy interactive browsing!