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WordPress 3.8, leveraging basics!

Now a days everyone is going to the basic. Microsoft has already moved to the basic when the Window 8 was introduced. It has totally flat view. Similarly Apple is trying to achieve the basic flat design in iOS. It… Continue Reading →

How to embed gravatar images onto your website?

Profile image management using Gravatar is really exciting and stress-free. Know the reasons why you need to and how simply Gravatar API can be implemented.

WordPress Plugin – Navayan TinyMCE Pretty Code

Did you feel stressed when you have to make some text, of your WordPress post, as inline code or to add syntax highlighter class to pre-formatted text? ‘Navayan TinyMCE Pretty Code’ WordPress plugin will save your time and takes out the weird behavior!

WordPress subscribe plugin – Navayan Subscribe 1.13 Change log

A long waited fixes and enhancement for new features in wordpress subscription plugin finally rolled out!

WordPress WP_ADMIN_DIR Constant

There are various ways to set (and get) wordpress admin directory. I do not understand why wordpress has not included that! Method 1: if (!defined(‘WP_ADMIN_DIR’)) define(‘WP_ADMIN_DIR’, ‘./wp-admin/’); In this method the WP_ADMIN_DIR constant will be very vague and will create… Continue Reading →

WordPress Custom Post Type Navigation

In previous post How to create Custom Post Type in WordPress? we have discussed on custom post type, how easily we can create it with our generic function call for multiple custom post types. Here we are going to see… Continue Reading →

How to create Custom Post Type in WordPress?

Here we are going to discuss on how to create custom post type in wordpress and will make a simple function to use. What is Custom Post Type? ‘Custom post type’ is one of the great features of wordpress since… Continue Reading →

Creating simple WordPress 2.8+ widget

WordPress widgets is a great feature for displaying your content in sidebar. It is easy to create by extending WP_Widget predefined wordpress class. Constructing Widget class your_widget extends WP_Widget { public function __construct() { $this->WP_Widget( ‘your_widget_unique_id’, __(‘Your Widget Title’), array(‘description’… Continue Reading →

Securely change wordpress ‘wp_’ prefix without plugin

Why should we change wp prefix? Database of wordpress is a core of your wordpress site or blog. All your posts gets stored in a systematic manner in wordpress’s database table structure. Although wordpress is more popular CMS so the… Continue Reading →

Navayan Subscribe – easy way to subscribe wordpress website or blog

‘Navayan Subscribe’ allows your visitors to easily and quickly subscribe to your website with double opt-in process, custom email templates, post/page notifications, spam protection. It can be used as a sidebar widget.

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