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CSS Verticle align middle

Previously we had to use <table>, <tr>, <td> tags to make the image or content vertically middle. But as the table structure is heavy compare to DIV based structure, we have to find alternative for making the content vertically middle…. Continue Reading →

Prototype’s base.js Dialog.cancelCallback() and IE7 JS ‘null object’ Error

The Prototype javascript library is used for various purposes like in-page popup, drag-n-drop etc. Recently while working on one of my Rails project, I came to know that there is a JavaScript NULL object error in base.js with ‘Dialog.cancelCallback()‘ function…. Continue Reading →

Getting familiar with Eventum for newbie

Eventum is one of the best Issue Tracking Systems available as free and open source. It is developed and maintained by MySQL and built in PHP using Smarty PHP template engine. Some of you may familiar with one of the… Continue Reading →

How to enable javascript in browsers

Today almost all websites uses core javascript or various javascript libraries to add impressive interaction onto web pages. Sometimes you might have seen that websites shows an error message that your browser’s javascript is disabled and you have to enable… Continue Reading →

Scrollbar on iPhone – Issue and Solution

I was trying to make one of our web application, which was in Java, run properly, without any UI issue on various browsers on different platforms ie. Windows, Mac, Linux (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7/8) including mobile devices (iPhone,… Continue Reading →

Javascript Random Image on page refresh or onload

Some times we need to randomize the images at same place with minimum script and occupy less memory and to decrease the size of a web page. There are lots of demos and examples available on net.I customize the code… Continue Reading →

Placing default cursor in textbox in Rails

The default cursor means when the page loads in a browser, the cursor should be in/on a particular part, say textbox or textarea. There is a simple javascript method focus() to place the default cursor: <script type=”text/javascript”> document.getElementById(id).focus(); <script> But… Continue Reading →

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