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jqExtension – jQuery file type validation plugin

jqExtension – jQuery plugin to validate file type (extension) at client-side

AngularJS in 20 minutes

A presentation by @Dan Wahlin on AngularJS. Much better and quicker than official PhoneCat example!

Your first UNIX Shell Script

Step 1. Open your terminal and type following: # my first unix shell script echo ‘Hello World!’ > /path/to-save/unix.sh Step 2. Save your writings by pressing Esc then : then w keys. Step 3. Locate to your unix.sh file $… Continue Reading →

IGNOU MCSL-054 practical exam 20130716 OpenGL program

OpenGL program with C++ was easy to write using Microsoft Visual Studio. IGNOU MCA student has to write one OpenGL program during their practical exam.

Java-JSP Environment Setup on Windows

Glad to see you got interest in Java! When it comes to web development using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) most of the time you have seen that people prefers to use Java language for JSP (Java Server Pages) development. To… Continue Reading →

Javascript Random Color Change

Implement random foreground and background color change using JavaScript, using Math, seconds. See live examples.

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