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jqExtension – jQuery file type validation plugin

jqExtension – jQuery plugin to validate file type (extension) at client-side

jQuery Plugin: ResetFormFields

Recently I was engaged with resetting the form fields the hard way using jQuery. As the work enhanced I thought it would be better to release a jQuery plugin! It has both HTML4 and HTML5 form elements included and a… Continue Reading →

Navayan Equal Height jQuery Plugin

Recently I was working on one small project and I had to use minimum resources as it is accessible on mobile devices too. There was one requirement of equal height of two elements. So instead of depending of any third… Continue Reading →

jQuery validation for file type extension

Simple and easy jQuery file type extension validation method. Check and validate file type extension in jQuery. Useful for contact form, job apply form to upload and submit valid and allowed file.

Handling multiple databases in WordPress

There are situations comes when you want to handle multiple databases but in wordpress environment. The wordpress database configuration is configured in wp-config.php file, which holds defined variables like DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST. Where we have to define wordpress database… Continue Reading →

PHP Pretty Captcha

There are lots of different ways to create captcha image using PHP. But what we forget is our USER. Now a days I found that Google’s re-captcha is very difficult even to read. Most of the time users dis-appears from… Continue Reading →

jQuery Ad Gallery – Extended Photo Gallery Slideshow

Demo Since July 2011 I am getting lots of emails asking to share the jquery.ad.gallery plugin that I have customized and extended as per the need of my project http://www.navayan.com The jQuery Ad Gallery has very interesting features. I had… Continue Reading →

jQuery validationEngine: Extended jQuery form validations

The jquery.validationEngine plugin for form validation is a good example of un-obtrusive validation. Its clean, neat, simple, beautiful UI, yet powerful validation plugin. This plugin is having most of the form fields validations that are commonly required in any project…. Continue Reading →

Autoplay embeded video on any event with jQuery

Some times you asked form the client to autoplay the embedded YouTube video by clicking or hovering on the image. I was also searching something that autoplays the youtube video by clicking on the image. But found nothing instead of… Continue Reading →

Simple and easy Cookie based jQuery tabs

Its been easy now to have cookie based tabs using jQuery! Demo Follow the instructions and you are done 🙂 HTML <div id=”profileTabList”> <a href=”#ambedkar”>Dr. Ambedkar</a> <a href=”#buddha”>Buddha</a> <a href=”#navayan”>Navayan</a> </div> <div id=”profileTabData”> <div id=”ambedkar”> <h2>” Men are mortal. So… Continue Reading →

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