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[SOLVED] mailto and gmail : AngularJS error

Recently had to use mailto: in href and callback function on onclick event at the same time to let google email (= gmail) understand and display the recipient’s email address. Old code <a id=”webdesigncolors-email” href=”mailto:{{webDesignColors.email}}” target=”_blank” onclick=”window.open(‘https://mail.google.com/mail/?view=cm&tf=1&to={{webDesignColors.email}}, ‘_blank’);”>Email me</a> The problem… Continue Reading →

Conflict between ng-attr and SVG elements

There is a conflict between ng-attr and some SVG elements attributes. Following attributes has conflict when using them with ng-attr: Attributes of <svg> tag: viewBox preserveAspectRatio Attributes of <marker> tag: orient markerunits markerheight markerwidth refy refx viewbox Attributes of <path>… Continue Reading →

AngularJS Advanced Accordion

AngularJS advanced accordion with CSS3 + AngularJS Cookie. See live example.

Scope variable over multiple queries in AngularJS

In AngularJS .query() and .get() methods often used to retrieve data/response from server. Sometimes you have to use same method to get that information but in another controller/s. In this case you are actually affecting the performance. These same queries (called in different controllers)… Continue Reading →

AngularJS ‘mouseleave’ event : error and solution

A small fix to AngularJS events for tooptip, popup in Angular Directive.

Angular column filter for Bootstrap

Adds Bootstrap 12 columns grid classes to the selector in ng-repeat directive.

Advanced Search in AngularJS – Part 1

In our previous post we had discussed on how to do a Basic Search in AngularJS using built-in angular filter. Now lets see how to make an advanced search in AngularJS. We split this into two parts. Part 2 will be even more advanced. Demo… Continue Reading →

AngularJS basic search using filter

Build a basic search in AngularJS using angular filter to filter the data in angular template. See demo how it works.

AngularJS in 20 minutes

A presentation by @Dan Wahlin on AngularJS. Much better and quicker than official PhoneCat example!

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