WebDesignColors is viewed by millions of tech savvy, geeks, designers, developers. Spread and grow your business by advertising with us. WDC offers publishing ads, reviews, newsletters, tweets for your business.

Q: I want to give an ad, what should I do?

Send your ad details to wdc@webdesigncolors.com as follows:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Ad Image (125×125 OR 300×300) OR url of the image
  • Website/Blog link if any
  • Ad period (1 Week OR 1 Month OR 6 Months OR 1 Year)
  • Date to publish the ad

Then make a payment through our PayPal account against your ad.

Q: I can’t design the ad, will you help?

Sure! We can design ad for you, on pre-payment as hourly charges. Please contact us for more details. Designing of your ad will start as soon as you make the payment and confirmed by us. Maximum two iterations (changes in ad) will be allowed. Further iterations will attract additional charges.

Q: When will be my ad get published?

As soon as the payment against your ad is confirmed, the requested publish date will be set for your ad.

Q: In which format the ad should be?

We accept image ads. The image format should be JPG or JPEG or GIF or PNG.

Q: What will be the life span of my ad?

Ad life starts from the date when the ad gets published and ends on the last day of the ad date.

Q: What are the rates of various ads?

The rates of ads are varied and can be changed at any time. All rates are in US dollar. Currently the rates are:

  • 125 x 125 Square sidebar ad: 1 Week – $ 9, 1 Month – $ 29, 6 Months – $ 149
  • 300 x 300 Square sidebar ad: 1 Week – $ 19, 1 Month – $ 49, 6 Months – $ 249

Q: What kind of ad behaviors are not accepted?

We strictly do not accept ads (or your firm/organization) which has following behaviors:
Porn, Nudity, Satire, Anti-Ambedkarite, Anti-Buddhist, Anti-Religious, Anti-Politics, Anti-Female, Gender biased, Anti-Nation, Personal Hurt, Pirated or forgery content, Bad Toxicants, Bad Language etc.